Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sfaradi Wheat Chulent - "Chamin Chita"

Ingredients: Wheat: handful of grain per person 1/2 pack Margarine or 3 oz of oil Chicken soup powder Salt Turmeric 1, 1.5 Spoons of Tomato sauce ( I use BBQ Sauce) Chicken parts ( your favorites: Tops, Bottoms)
Prep: Boil wheat for 1.5 hours, until water turns white. (That means that the wheat opened up) Add the margarine/oil, soup powder, salt, turmeric and tomato sauce. Mix all ingredients together and let it boil for 4-5 min Pour it all into deep aluminum pan and add about 3 inches of water above the mix. Cover it and put it on the "Blech" about 2 hours before Shabbos. Enjoy ! Good Shabbos ...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Want to Know More About Food ???

A fun way to learn tricks and tips from one of the best chefs in the USA , Alton Brown: http://www.fancast.com/tv/Good-Eats/10545/full-episodes

Moroccan Tcholent

Ingredients: Garbanzo Beans (chickpeas) Chicken or Meat Fresh Garlic Honey Eggs Small piled potatoes Spices Prep: Soak the beans in water for about 1/2 an hour. Rinse beans and put in a pot. Put also in pot the small potatoes, eggs, 6 garlic cloves, chicken or meat. Put a spoonful of honey, cumin, salt,soup powder, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper. Add water till it's about 4 Inches above the beans. Pour a 1/4 cup of oil. Let it boil for 5 min. pour everything into a deep aluminum pan cover with foil and put on blech (Plata). Enjoy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moroccan Fish

This dish comes in two versions the hot and spicy and the spicy but not hot. in order to make it not hot use bell peppers and use regular paprika rather then the hot. Ingredients: Boneless Fish : the best is Nile perch but you can also use flaunder or any other fish that you like 2-3 Potatoes Cilantro Onion Cumin, paprika, Salt, Soup powder Oil Preparation: You can make it either in the oven or stove, I'll explain in the oven version. In an aluminum pan (9X13) lay down the potatoes after you sliced them to cover the bottom Wash and lay down the fish and put the onions after you cut them into rings and the peppers after you cut them to strips. Put chopped cilantro and the spices sprinkled all over pour a generous amount of oil and fill with water it covers everything put everything in the oven till water reduce to half. Serve Hot with a lot of Challah bread for dipping

Kuba - Yellow

B"H This is a Iraqi and Kurdi dish, goes wonderfully with Potato Salad. Ingredients: 2 medium onions chopped 1 Box Farina 1 lbs ground beef or chicken or turkey (you'll decide what you like) Tumeric (it is a yellow spice) Soup powder Black Pepper Salt Process: In a bowl put the ground beef, 1 chopped onion, Tumeric, salt, black pepper and mix them all together. In another bowl put the box of farina add little water and kneed with your hands, continue adding water as you go till you get a dough. take a piece of dough and form a ball , about size of an egg. while you doing this keep wetting your hands all the time so the dough will not stick to your hands. Then stick you thumb in side crating a bowl and put inside a bit of the ground beef mixture. close the hole by squeezing your index and thumb making a ring and squeezing, till the hole is closed. While doing this remember to wet your hands with water all the time. Continue till you finish all the dough, left over meat can be freeze or made into Kabbabs or meat balls. (I refuse to spell Kabbabs as Kabobs) :-) Now the a pot put a thin layer of oil on high flame till brown. Add slowly water and fill till half of the pot is full. Once the water reached boiling point start lowering the kuba balls slowly into the water (watch out boiling water don't drop) . Add to the water: black pepper, soup powder and salt. When boils again lower to low flame (on the biggest flame set the dial to 3 or 4) for half an hour. Close flame and serve ....Enjoy

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moroccan Olives

One of my favorite food , goes together with any kind of rice (white, brown, yellow ) . Great for special occasions (or when you want to impress someone). So lets begin: Ingredients: 1. Can of Pitted Olives 2. (optional) strips of meat, chicken or liver 3. Paprika, salt, soup powder, black pepper 4. minced garlic ( you can use also chopped fresh or as a last resort powder) Preparation: On a medium flame use a sauce pan with little oil (preferably olive oil). Sautée the olives till light golden, add spices and continue cooking for a couple of minutes. add water till it covers the olives and bring it to boil. let it boil for 2-3 minutes and lower the flame, continue cooking for 10 minutes (make sure you have still liquid in the pan) and you're done! Enjoy!